The Gelfand STEM Center leverages the resources of Case Western Reserve University to engage preK-12students in activities that introduce them to scientific practices and concepts and inspire a lasting interest in science and engineering.


The Gelfand STEM Center at Case Western Reserve University will change students’ lives in northeast Ohio and beyond by preparing them to succeed in STEM-based careers, enabling them to make informed contributions to public discussions of important scientific issues, and fostering lifelong learning in science and engineering.


  1. Broaden participation in STEM disciplines.
    Increase the number and diversity of students in the STEM disciplines at Case Western Reserve University and elsewhere.
  2. Increase all students’ scientific literacy
    Provide a variety of innovative STEM programs for students with diverse interests and career goals.

Core Principles/Strategies

  1. Strengthen STEM teaching and learning through active discovery and design.
    Leonard Gelfand STEM Center programs use interdisciplinary approaches that model the work of practicing scientists and engineers.
  2. Implement research-based teaching and learning strategies.
    Leonard Gelfand STEM Center programs are rooted in what we know about how people learn and feature students as active participants in their own learning.
  3. Marshal the contributions of CWRU faculty, staff and students.
    Leonard Gelfand STEM Center programs are built upon the innovation and engagement of our faculty and the outstanding quality and dedication of our staff and students.
  4. Maximize impact on student learning through collaboration.
    Partnerships expand learning opportunities, break down disciplinary barriers, mobilize resources, and distribute accountability for STEM education among multiple stakeholders.
  5. Evaluate and continually refine our programs.
    The Leonard Gelfand STEM Center rigorously evaluates its programs and adapts them as needed to achieve its objectives.