Gelfand STEM Center programs are designed to develop the knowledge, skills, actions, and dispositions necessary to broaden participation of K-12 students in STEM fields and increase STEM literacy. In doing so, Gelfand programs foster curiosity about STEM content, promote 21st century work skills, and generate positive attitudes about STEM careers.

Our programs are scaffolded around the belief that younger students benefit most fromĀ  awareness and exposure to STEM in contexts that are fun and engaging. As students grow and develop intellectually, Gelfand programs include more emphasis on specific content, critical thinking, and problem solving. Programs for high school students are designed to include elements of college and career readiness as well as relevant STEM content.

Developing the ability to productively engage in STEM practices is woven throughout Gelfand programs at all grade levels. Students are provided multiple opportunities to ask questions and define problems, plan and carry out investigations, analyze and interpret data, construct explanations and design solutions, and engage in argument from evidence.

None of the programs described here could be possible without the invaluable contributions from the faculty, staff, and students of Case Western Reserve University. Gelfand STEM Center programs are aligned with the University commitment to provide opportunities for underserved populations and reflect who we are and what we believe in as a community.

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